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JimRhino Reincke
Jim “Rhino” Reincke the #FoodieAdventurer

A long way from the days of living in a car with his mom, dad, and sister, Jim (Rhino to his friends) bounced through  13 different schools before landing a more stable home with his beloved grandmother in Southern Illinois. This new lease on life helped Rhino make a decision that life would be grand as long as he decided it to be so. While in High School, he worked to share stories of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness with hundreds of his peers in schools across Southern Illinois.

Rhino spent his young adulthood speaking for more than 500,000 people throughout North America. He now resides in the beautiful state of Washington and works in the world of Financial Services. He stays active with career, community, cooking, traveling, blogging, and as an involved father and dad (there is a difference) to his four “Kritters” Parker, Spencer, Emma, and Benjamin; all while sneaking moments of togetherness with Debbie, his bride and sweetheart since 1996.

Be sure to check out Jim’s other publications on Amazon.com by visiting his author’s page at www.Amazon.com/author/jimreincke.

…and others in the works!