Taste of Rathdrum…Idaho!

2017 Taste of Rathdrum Flyer

Let the sauce slingin’ begin!

I have not cooked in a BBQ contest since 2011 but am giving it a whirl this weekend, and have to admit…I’m a little nervous. It’s not a ‘sanctioned’ event (by KCBS, PNWBA, BCS, MIM, or any other ‘big’ sanctioning bodies), but it is what I have always considered a ‘backyard’ contest. These are usually SO much fun! We will find out this weekend at the

2017 Taste of Rathdrum, in Rathdrum, Idaho!

Rathdrum, Idaho
Taste of Rathdrum, Saturday, August 12, 2017

This contest has three categories. Chicken, Pork Ribs, and “Anything Dessert.” Though it’s a braggin’ rights contest, and maybe a trophy, it’s still crazy how it’s getting in my head after such a long hiatus. I like it. The nerves should keep me on my toes.

Though I haven’t *completely* decided on the recipes to use, I’m thinking of doing a custom Huckleberry BBQ Sauce (it’s a Pacific Northwest thing) on the ribs (probably baby backs but will likely do some St. Louis too…I like to have options). I’ll likely have a few different rubs in the toolbox, including some of the famous MojoRub Original, Three Little Pigs Touch of Cherry, and some Smoky Honey Habanero and Chile Margarita from Spiceologist.

For the “Anything Dessert” category, I’m thinking of doing a Grilled Fruit Taquito. Yeah, sounds weird, huh? It makes perfect sense in my brain, but that doesn’t always translate to delicious awesomeness…we’ll soon find out. I’ll be doing some experimenting this week to see how it will come together, but its sure to involve grilling some fruit, layering with a sweet cheese in a tortilla, rolling it up and finishing with some sort of sweet-spicy glaze. Oh yeah, and there *might* be some Pig Candy involved, but I will not confirm or deny at this point…a guy has to have some secrets leading up to the contest.

Regardless of what I end up using for rubs and sauces, a few things I do know…

  1. I WILL have Betty by my side, doing all the hard work! (Betty is my Good-One Smoker)
  2. I WILL be using wood and charcoal…no propane for me, thanks!
  3. I WILL have a great time!
  4. I HOPE to see some of my friends show up and “join the team”…after all, I can’t sell food to the public but team members will need to help sample. 😉

2017 Taste of Rathdrum Flyer

Come on out and join in the fun! If nothing else, come on out and say hi. I’m sure I could use the moral support.


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